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Ceramic advice

Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and durable, however, each covering requires a certain degree of care.

Stoneware unglazed should always be acidified with a cement film.

Polished plates we additionally recommend to impregnate with a stain protector.

Mineral joints are not acid resistant, please note when cleaning the coverings that the joints are well presoaked with clear water, do not apply limescale remover in its pure form and not for too long (no showering) and finally neutralize again with clean water.

Epoxy joints at usage of highly acidic cleaning agents or general frequent cleaning of the joints we recommend the use of Epoxy joints. Mostly used in swimming pools, industrial coverings, glass mosaic, shower trays or special shower walls.

Bright joints tend to be darker and dark joints rather bright, with colored joints can be no guarantee of a uniform image.

Black joints, colored joints are often spotty and vary in color, since the pigments act differently, therefore we recommend only after careful reconnaissance inked joints or using a hybrid or epoxy joints.

Silicone joints are maintenance joints and therefore excluded from the guarantee. Check the joints especially in wet areas to avoid damage. Shock ventilation can prevent mildew.

For renovations we recommend our thin film ceramic with 4 mm strength which we past over your old flooring with almost no noise and dust. (favorable, space-saving, fast, low emission)

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