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Glass mosaic

History: Mosaic is one of the oldest coating, which revives again. Glass, ceramics, natural stone and metal are the most widely used materials for a mosaic. In design there are no limits - let your creativity run wild. Depending on the use and design you choose the right mosaic.

The installation requires absolute skill. We have the necessary experience and train our employees in Italy at the manufacturer in order to be up to date on the cutting edge of technology.

Here are a few examples: glass Murano Smalto, proven craftsmanship glass mica, elegance and glamor glass Shyni, transparency and light ceramic, combination and complement.

Mother of pearl, close to the sea in your comfort zone natural stone mosaics, classy design and tradition gold, pomp and extravagance metal, cool and modern subject.

If you send us your logo, image, pattern, etc. we put your mosaic stone picture together - pixel by pixel.