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Fireplace tips / advice

If there is “foehn” weather we recommend not to fire, as the temperature difference and the strong winds usually limit the fire heavily. With a chimney outlet fan you can create partial remedy.

Certified fireplaces with a quality seal do not require a particle filter. 

On a tight budget and if you wish to remain your existing fireplace we recommend a custom made chimney in the form of glazing as a subsequent optimization option.

How to properly light a fire

Fire without smoke - this new way of lighting is a simple and very effective way to reduce the pollutant emissions of the fire. It is suitable for all wood furnaces with upper exhaust outlet in the furnace, so for chimneys, stove, storage heaters, and stoves. The wood is burning gradually from top to bottom. The gases flow through the hot flame and burn completely. Thus, avoids emissions for unnecessary smoke. In addition, the combustion is more controlled as the previously usual lightning from below. Burned may be: natural wood, dry softwood or hardwood and wood briquettes made of natural wood.

Unsuitable fuels are newspapers, cardboard, packaging materials, wood from construction and demolitions. We recommend to store the wood at least 3 years before you burn it. Ideally, one uses wood with room temperature which has been deposited next to the fireplace.

Furthermore, it should be considered that the kitchen ventilator is not simultaneously in operation (without additional measures), the room is supplied with enough fresh air, no vacuum gets created in the space and permanent air supply is assured (controlled ventilation).