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Fireplace without chimney

Exclusive fireplaces without chimneys burn bio-alcohol based on potato starch. A fireplace without a chimney are beauties in various shapes and designs that can be placed anywhere - living room or garden - without expensive installation. All fireplaces are passionate handmade design objects by Roderick Vos, Jan de Bouvrie and Frans Schrofer.

If you don’t want to carry wood, appreciate the cozyness and the flickering ambiance, and you unfortunately have no chimney and wish to light more than just a candle, then a fireplace without a chimney is just what you need.

For your existing fireplace you can use a retrofit kit (burner pot with ceramic timber) and thus enjoy the fire in your fireplace. 

7 -piece ceramic wood set, internal cartridge,

Slide, chipping funnel, lighter

Dimensions: w 46 d 23 h 15 cm

Cost: CHF 1’100 .-

Fuel bio-alcohol consists of potato starch and is combustible with 96,6% without residues. In the living room without a chimney and also outdoors.

2 liters are sufficient for up to eight hours, depending on the model.

1 x 10 l à CHF 58 .- (metal container)

8 x 2 l à CHF 96 .-

1 x 2 l à CHF 14.-

4 x 2 l à CHF 52.-