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The chimney fire is an expression of superior comfortable living and pleasant quality of life. The fire is a magical attractant.

The customers see their fireplace as an "indivisible whole", even if it consists of two parts at closer consideration. Namely from a fireplace insert and a covering. There are numerous fireplace inserts on the market. From the outside they may look similar but from the interior and the elaboration there are crucial differences (e.g. differences in quality, fireclay or cast iron, various forms and type of fuel such as wood or gas). The covering is bricked from fire place builders. The fireplace should harmonize with the own living ambiance. Therefore we build custom made designs according to the customer’s wishes. Via the function and design individual interpretations of color, form and space get created. Your imagination is virtually unlimited. A rapid heating effect can be reached by a hot-air fireplace. In the area of minergie buildings we recommend a radiant fireplace in combination with heat storage elements, water heating in combination with solar and a storage water heater in the basement. A clear trend is the gas fire, which is confused quickly with a wood fire at first glance. We like to advise you in our showroom while getting enchanted by the gas fireplace.

There is nothing like a fireplace made with a chimney out of an elegant natural stone.

Style fire places

The best way to enjoy an open fire is to unite a handcrafted natural stone covering as a facade in front of a fitted glass and advanced fire technology. This is the art to combine tradition and progress. Thanks to new technologies even the hardest granite can be produced in harmonious and fanciful shapes.

Trust in our experience. We plan and design your new fireplace and advise you in our fireplace lounge.