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    112 years A. Iten AG

The A. Iten AG is a family business in the fourth generation, established in 1910. The combination of many years of experience and dynamic innovation enables our customers a wide selection of classic and trendy products, from standard products to custom-made, from reasonable to nobel product - each in superior quality.

Our expertise

Our credo: "Nothing is impossible but only a question of the will, the idea and the feasibility."
As a result, we have been able to make many customers happy with our experience and have created unique items.
Because our work is our pride.


Everything that can be built with ceramics, we offer. Walls, floors, ceilings, all coverings in the house, balconies, facades, swimming pools, garages, trade and industry.

Natural stone

A natural material, created over millions of years, processed accordingly, for the expansion of housing, hotels, facades, swimming pools, terraces and custom workpieces.


Fire is a tamed fascinating element. We build a place for the wild fire, keep it safe under control and create the individual space outside to your liking.


We realize the desire of the new bathroom or wellness area, the own steam shower, sauna or swimming pool.


We offer complete housing conversions from a single source. Fast, unbureaucratic and interesting in price. Bathroom tags, kitchen remodeling and sagar whole houses. Build peace of mind with our network of skilled craftsmen.
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We are proud of our works. We show a few on our side. Ask for our current reference list.


We are proud of our works. We show a few on our side. Ask for our current reference list.

Show all references


Through our work we have already made some customers happy. Are you the next one.

Thank you Mr. Iten and your team for the great work.
We maintain a long cooperation, already over four Generations.

Mr. Häusler

We want to keep the fireplace and only the technology should be rehabilitated, because the elaborate crafts we still like. Because this chimney was built by your grandfather.